>> PLEASE NOTE: If you hosted by us you will need ZOHO for your business email. <<

All the tools you will ever need to create, collaborate, and communicate with your teams, in one integrated suite of apps — Zoho Workplace.

Better Email = Better Business

The world of email is getting worse, not better. Half the time we can’t tell if emails are getting through to our customers and clients and the other half of the time we don’t know if we’re receiving theirs!

I have a better solution, ZOHO Workplace.

You may have heard of (or even using) Google’s G Suite … well, ZOHO offers the same services for less!  If you don’t need the entire Workplace package, you can sign up for ZOHO Mail for only $36 per year and keep your business branding!

Ready to make it happen?

Visit Zoho and choose the type of account you want to have – EMAIL or WORKPLACE.
Set up your ZOHO account.
Return here to send me your account login information and make your ZOHO email set up fee.
You will also need to provide the login to your Domain Registrar.
I will set up your ZOHO Email within 24 hours on weekdays.

And you are set!

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