When a company has been around awhile sometimes you need to shake things up, give it a newer, fresher look that ties in with the changing focus of the business. Yastrow & Company has been at the forefront of corporate consulting, leadership strategy, and sales training for over 20 years.  The driving force behind the company, Steve Yastrow, decided it was time for him to begin the process of stepping away from the limelight, shedding some of the workloads, and taking his company to an even greater level.  A level possible only by reshaping the company.

In 2018, he and his team developed the beginnings of this metamorphosis that they enthusiastically called; “Yastrow 2.0.”

The core concept of Y2.0 is to move away from Steve having sole responsibility for client acquisition and client management.  This meant training his current staff with the skills he’s learned during his career, moving toward greater automation, and beefing up his support staff.

Technical automation included both internal systems and external systems: visual redesign, website redesign, webinar, and digital marketing strategies, and integrations with email services, sales systems, CRMs, CMSs, and more.

Steve hired me to help begin the process of technological evolution with the development of a MASSIVE online educational portal for a new corporate consulting program called, Commitment-Driven Impact. 

This meant:

  • Developing digital automation and marketing systems for a webinar
  • Designing landing pages
  • Creating a custom-built Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Editing dozens of instructional videos
  • Managing the UX/UI for clients

Then we moved to a redesign of the company logo to reflect the new concept of Y2.0.   We shifted “and Company” from a simple and subtle tagline to an essential part of the organization. Visually, we made “& COMPANY” an equivalent size to “YASTROW,” indicating the company’s 2.0 shift.

Yastrow & Company Logo

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