The Visionary Fiction Alliance in an organization created with the purpose promoting Visionary Fiction and helping it author members grow their audience.

When I first discovered them I learned that many of my favorite books were, in fact, Visionary Fiction and I saw so much potential that I simply HAD to become a part of their organization and help them grow.

I learned from the Founders / Steering Committee that for the past 12 years everything has been done on a volunteer basis and mostly run by this small select group. There were no funds to truly fulfill their mission. And that needed to change.

The site was more focused on authors of Visionary Fiction than on readers and, despite working to ensure posts were search engine optimized, acquiring one members and visitors was an entirely passive process. That too needed to change.

There was only one way to proceed … rebuild the website and the organization from the ground up.

The website first needed a shift in focus to readers and fans of the genre. But, we also did not want the author-members to feel pushed aside; that meant building a membership section and amping up the member benefits.

The next big thing was monetization. The founders had been spending their own time and money to support the organization and I strongly felt the membership needed to be monetized.

Systems also needed to be created to lightene the load of managing the website … online forum, calendar, and optimizing the use of their MailChimp account to more easily manage messaging to authors and readers.

At the time of this writing, we are beginning our push into the next phase by creating our own version of Kindle Unlimited then we will monetize the bookstore – actually sell books not simply use an Amazon Affiliate link.  Beyond that, we will announce the VFA Awards for broadcast in early 2021.

Jodine Turner, Ph.D and author

Aaron Yeagle is top in his field. He is a creative mastermind who also deftly generates the accompanying tasks that flesh out his ideas.

He came on board the Visionary Fiction Alliance admin. team and has taken our website and the membership – our whole platform – to a fresh, new, amazing level. His work is professional, innovative, dependable, and inspiring. The VFA can always rely on Aaron to be responsive to questions, concerns, and feedback. Aaron is focused to stay on task and accomplishes all his projected deadlines. Add humor and a helpful, friendly demeanor and that is Aaron. I don’t know where we would be without him.

Logo Sting

As you may know, the biggest increase on the Internet has been video. Video is very mobile friendly and YouTube is the largest search engine in the world. It is also important to know that Google owns YouTube.

One of the first things I did was to create additional social channels, especially for YouTube. The channel features book trailers and author interviews.

Additionally, I wanted to ensure they carried there branding to the channel and I created this logo sting that is attached to the front of every video.

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