There comes a time in every business-person’s career when it becomes time to enlist a professional to develop their logo, print materials, and website; where DIY is clearly no longer sustainable. Terrie came to that point in 2017 and reached out to me.

Taking that leap wasn’t easy. Nearly everyone has concerns over budget and ROI, and those are good concerns. Reputable web developers can offer many levels of service and depth of work while keeping your budget in mind.

For example, with the advent of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Concrete, and dozens of others, the cost of hand-coding a website is drastically reduced while providing a platform that is easy enough for an entrepreneur to manage content and that can grow as the business grows. WordPress’s impressive library of plugins also provides the entrepreneur with easy connection to shopping cart systems, email management systems, social media broadcasting, and more.

Terrie did a bang-up job on her WIX site … it covered the necessary elements; the core of which was a booking system that is VERY improtant to her business. However, Terrie knew it was time to make the leap to a fresh, new, professional design that would integrate all of the aspects and elements she knew would be needed to build her business.

By placing a great deal of her content on the homepage we’ve provided her potential clients with easy access to the most important elements of Terrie’s business; not to mention, Googlebots LOVE content. We’ve added case studies so that her potential new customers can experience what Terrie does through the eyes of other clients. Terrie’s increased exposure on television, radio, print and podcasts has meant a change to getting those pieces to the home page and segregating them so future entertainment bookers can see her in action.



Terrie didn’t want to go “modern” with her new logo and she didn’t want to go “mystery/spooky” as some folks in a similar industry do. Steampunk came to mind as did Magic Castle. In the end, it came down to reaching into our recent past with an Art Deco-style font with some great color.


Once the logo and website were complete, it was time for me to whip up a cool business card that continues to reinforce her brand!

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