Jackie Woodside has been a client of mine for nearly ten years. Her newest book, Money Vibe: Your Financial Freedom Formula* *whether you have money or not, is the fourth book we’ve worked on together and the third to reach the top of the charts on Amazon and the first to be published under my publishing company, Conscious Living Media.

Money Vibe is the first title in a proposed 6-book series all based on her coaching paradigm she calls The Vibe Method. As the anchor title, we felt it was important to give this title every opportunity for success starting with its own website. Because we were looking for fast traction in SERPs and a very minimalistic and impactful design, I went with what is essentially a one-pager.

Key features of the site are an integrated evergreen webinar, a lead-gen pop-up connected to a 30-Day “Money Vibe Challenge” which the visitor can select between the email autoresponder version or an interactive Facebook Messenger chatbot, book summary and additional book details, and several options to purchase.


The Money Vibe logo is a relatively simply text-based logo. The key here was to find a business-like font but stay away from the stodgy “bank” fonts like Garamond, et al. It’s essential to use very clean fonts for book covers and this font, Barbador Thea, works wonderfully.


Book covers are a challenging design affair. Often the author wants drama and an image that “tells the story” that is within. In the case of Money Vibe, Jackie had two main points: stay away from images of money – becuase this book isn’t about the acquisition of money but connecting to money on an energetic level – and Jackie wanted an image that felt more “whole” more “integrated with the concepts of energy” – not an easy feat but I came up with some concepts utilizing swirls which lead to our final image, the circle.

The circle also had the requirement that it would be the symbol that connects all of the future book titles in a visual way. The book cover concept for Money Vibe became the template for all of the future titles.



The core marketing technique begain with offering an ebook, “The Money Vibe Bullet Point Book.” Think of it as the Cliff’s Notes version of the book.

Promotional activity began within two months fo the release of the book beginning with appearances on Transformation TV and several other vlogger channels. I desgined a series of memes whose content was pulled from the “52 Affirmations About Money” bonus book. Additionally, Jackie came up with a 30-Day Money Vibe Challenge which provided substantial amount of interaction with potential buyers and more!


As you can see below, the covers for a few of the future “Vibe” books have been created. Each book will have an identical lead-gen site just like Money Vibe’s. Each book and marketing platform will have the same level of intensity, modernism, minimalism, and ease of use. After the third book, we will pull it all together with a website that covers Jackie’s “Vibe Method” seminars, videos, and books.


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