I met George Nardo of Luna Recording Studio in Tucson, Arizona while working with another client of mine, Jon Nickell. Jon had hired me to help him with his new album, Again and Again, and that meant some trips to the studio to talk about production timelines, work together on Jon’s album and video. After seeing George’s website, built using a GoDaddy template (UGH), I talked to George about bringing some excitement back to his website, get contemporary, and promote his business.

Our discussions regarding his website began to evolved into a discussion about his overall branding and what I could do to help pull it all together and actually make it work FOR him. It didn’t take much convincing on my part and thus, I began the creative approach to updating all of his branding.

I started with a new logo. His original logo wasn’t all bad, just a simple text treatment really; but I wanted to give hime something a touch more memorable.


Luna Recording Studio Tucson

I stuck with his original orange color scheme to bring in that continuity. I then updated the font to match the website’s font (Raleway). For the symbol, I created a moon as a series of soundwaves with a musical note off to the upper right. This way we still have the moon shape but it also echoes the concept of soundwaves issuing from the musical note.

Once the logo and color scheme were decided upon it was time to re-work the website from the ground up. While George is a fantastic Producer, he’s not much of a writer. Google has certain “needs” in order to really pay attention to a website and one of those needs is content length. The easiest way to bring a sparsely-written website to that level is to pull it all together on the home page as a one-page website. While all of the main content is on the homepage there are and we will add additional pages for a deep gallery and possibly a blog.

Now that I’ve brought the logo together and the website complete, I took the next step and designed his business cards. This way his RL marketing will match the current branding.



Throughout the next year, LUNA Recording Studios and I will be reshaping and giving new life to his social media accounts by creating and curating new content, creating new advertising campaigns, building some lead generation websites, and generally boosting his business.

“I thought my homemade/goDaddy website was great, I took some pictures, wrote a few lines, but after a couple of years it started looking a bit out of date and it needed a refresh. Aaron built me a website with a new future-forward design and the technical pizzazz to stand out in my industry. He went through everything I had and designed a new logo, as well as getting me to write new content, which is very important. I am extremely happy with the design and I get compliments about it all the time!”

~ Geroge Nardo

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