Living Light Center


For several years I helped the amazing Frank Coppieters with website updates and minor website tweaks on his HTML-based website built by his former web designer. This year I approached Frank on the idea of possibly redesigning his website remarking that it was time for a fresh new look and moving to WordPress to open up the website to give it more “elbow room.” While I normally do not create mock-ups BEFORE I submit a proposal, I knew Frank would be much more open to the idea if I provided an example and thus I created the mockup. That did the trick as he immediately agreed! In fact, he loved the mock-up as is!

As you can see in the before and after images, this has been a particularly dramatic redesign. One of the requirements of the new site was to make it much easier to access content and, especially, the English and Dutch versions. Furthermore, Frank has several items for sale including books, CDs, and services. Rather than having these locked into specific pages we’ve now been able to integrate a real shopping cart and present the products and services more clearly.

By utilizing WordPress we’ve been able to incorporate several new functions to the website such as a subscription form integrated with an autoresponder, videos, a slider, and much more … all meant to enhance the user experience.


While we did not necessarily want to redesign the logo, the logo he was using was flattened to the blue background and, due to the shape of the letters and lotus images, I was not able to remove that background and still maintain the quality. With that challenge in mind, I attempted to create a logo that had a similar look and feel. Here I integrated an abstract lotus flower with a candle flame to echo the feeling of “light.” I also used a similar script font.


Due to the restrictive layout of his original site we typically used small flat images for the products. With the much more open layout of the new site, I rebuilt the product images in a larger, 3D format adding some excitement that lets visitors see the design work on the products.


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