Judy Nedry has been a client and friend for almost 12 years! When we met she told me her dream of becoming a novelist. Oh. She’d written plenty, including a book about Oregon wine country. But she had a character in her head that needed a book!

And Emma Golden was born. I built Judy’s first website and we even had multiple websites as each new book was written. After a bit of a break, Judy began writing a new book sans Emma, Blackthorn.

We felt it was time for a new website to freshen up the place.

I wanted to show Judy and her books in a new modern light and create a dazzling homepage. Additionally, I’ve connected her shopping cart, made all formats of her book available, and connected her email autoresponder to all forms, the shopping cart, and the site’s popup.

This time, too, I have worked with Judy to design the cover, layout the interior of the book, and helped her go direct with publishing.


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