Aaron’s skill in the music industry has made my new album a great success both in the music and in the video success. His knowledge of the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people to get the word out about the album was obvious because of the responses I received. My handsome website has generated a whole new legion of fans and record buyers. Keeping active within the website has created a very positive return for my investment. Recommend his expertise greatly.

Jon S. Nickell


It’s been Jon’s big dream and one of the projects on his bucket list … to create the most fantastic album in tribute to his favorite singer, Brenda Lee, and use it to launch into his second career as a singer and get on tour. It’s been a HUGE – and not to mention EXPENSIVE – endeavor to record an album, make his first music video, launch his music platform, and sell the crap out of every compact disc!

Jon’s original album concept began with one of Brenda’s albums; not only in how the album was to sound but how the album looked … a simple profile photo in front of a blue background. His only request other request was to use one of his favorite fonts.

George Nardo of LUNA Recording Studios was tasked with emulating the play style and the recording style to match that of producer, Owen Bradley. Jon and I selected a number of songs to be on the album. George and Jon worked for 9 months developing that particular sound that’s so indicative of 60s Nashville and recording the tracks.

Once the recording was complete, it was now fully in my hands to begin the process of developing not, just the CD artwork, but the entire internet and marketing strategy to help make this album a success. This began with finding the logo and cover image.



Using Jon’s favorite font as the basis for the album titles and a background color and texture to echo the feeling of luxuriousness I created the logo and then the album artwork. You can purchase the album at iTunes.



The album booklet includes a foreword by Brenda Lee, a small gallery of images of Brenda and Jon throughout their 50-year friendship, and all the typical album content. My personal favorite part was the CD label. At the same time I began developing Jon’s website to promote him as a musician, Of course, as is always important, utilising the exact same imagery for the website. Because this is Jon’s first major foray into stardom(!), I decided to go to a one-page layout to maximize the content for Google. Additional bits and pieces were added as content was developed .. the videos which I produced … and anything else that has come up.

Here’s Jon’s music video for “Where Are You?”


Now that those items were in place, I began the long journey of promotion. I managed all of Jon’s advertising programs and social media – creating over 60 posts for Facebook, Facebook and Google AdWords advertisements as well as provided press solicitations, and all graphic design needs for print adds, invitations to the release party, and these amazing stand-ups fo rhim to use while on tour.



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