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Jackie Woodside


How the years go by so quickly … Jackie Woodside has been one of my longest term clients going on 11 years now! During our first meeting Jackie laid out her goals: to reduce and eventually eliminate her therapy business and focus on becoming a thought leader, teacher, inspirational speaker on par with the likes of Tony Robbins and others. It was a tall order!

We mapped out a strategy to achieve those goals and have nearly reached the summit even with traveling off the path here and there.


And, like all brands, they need to change with the times and with any new ideology that comes into play during the brand’s evolution. Jackie’s personal icon, the image she uses to indicate her mission, a torchbearer for knowledge and enlightenment. Thus, the torch remains at the core of all her outward expressions. Color also plays an important role for Jackie. she’s always wanted to stay with brighter colors and energetic colors keeping in the purple, red, and gold palette.

Additionally, Jackie herself, is her brand and so we opted for an ALL CAPS approach to her logo. Her logo also include her primary tagline, “Igniting the Flame of Infinite Possibility.”


One of the methods we’ve used to increase awareness is through a rather consistent social media presence maintained mostly through the use of memes – images with inspirational quotes – either made by herself or people she admires. We have pushed approximately 1,100 very sharable memes through Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We’ve been experimenting with video memes … very brief videos with inspirational quotes that are uploaded to Facebook. Video sharing with Facebook has been on a huge upswing so this is an opportunity for us to pursue.


As a best selling author, Jackie has written a number of books including the above “56 Hacks that Lead to an Amazing Life” – for which I designed the cover and edited copy and layout for digital production, as well as “Time for Change.”Her best selling book “Calming the Chaos” was design and published by Next Century Publishing.


Jackie invested heavily in her book and promoting the book. I was responsible for creating videos like the one above and posting them wherever possible to help drive exposure and sales. I handled all marketing and promotions opportunities that the publisher itself wasn’t taking on.

The spectrum of service I provide Jackie Woodside are innumerable with everything from managing speaking engagements, finding new opportunites, designing all of her graphic needs for speaking engagements and appearances, to website maintenance and future development. It’s a very fulfilling relationship.

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