Nothing brings me greater pleasure than helping someone make the step up from a homegrown, homemade, DIY brand to a much more polished brand. Like most voice actors, Lesley Ann Fogle started off building her resume, working hard to increase her presence and skill level, get her work seen … or rather … heard. She was already quite successful by the time we met. Her website, as valiant an effort as it was, simply wasn’t able to display her work in the best possible light.

We met while I was seeking a voice actor to narrate Jackie Woodside’s best selling book “Calming the Chaos” so we could also offer her book as an audiobook.

(An aside: One secret I’ve learned over my years in business, when you have a product, re-use, re-use, re-use. Have a book? Make a shortened version as an eBook offering for lead generation, convert it into an audiobook, re-work the book into an online course and slice-and-dice the audio to use as assets in the course, and then create a speaking engagement where that book is the core of the seminar. Like Jackie’s investment in her book, you need to recoup and increase the profitability of that investment by utilizing your asset in as many ways as possible.)

Seeing Lesley’s website I couldn’t help but mention that her site could do so much more to promote her work. It wasn’t long before we struck a deal and I began … with the concept.



Now we all know the saying “Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru” – “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” – and, in an industry that’s all about how something sounds, “hear no evil” is the perfect name for a voice acting business … nothing you hear will sound “evil.” (Unless it’s one of the many horror novels she has narrated!)

As such, we created the monkey icon with headphones on to reflect both Kikazaru and what Lesley wears on her head pretty much every day as she narrates the next novel. Creating the logo then helped us creat the color pallet of dark browns, tans, and lush green.



While much of Lesley’s work comes from her agencies and contacts, there are times when Lesley needs to go out and market and promote herself and thus, we needed to create her business cards. The business cards echo the look of her webiste, placing her logo nice and large on the card with her contact information. Even in an increasingly digital world, business cards are STILL on of these most effective tools for promotion.

I do have to put a plug in for Lesley’s work as a voice actor. Lesley did an astounding job narrating “Calming the Chaos” and, if you are seeking voice work, Lesley is the professional to hire! Check out her website for samples of her work.

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