The amazing website that Aaron made for me got results that never had been reached before. In a very short time my business grew in a swift manner and became the success it is today from his skilled knowledge of the internet and his keen insights into search optimization made my business greatly successful in such a very short time. Customer relationship is excellent and professional.

Jon Nickell

Hair Architects

Jon Nickell, Owner and Stylist of Hair Architects, is one of those great clients that takes our goal as seriously as his own. In other words, he is much more interested in running his salon and its myriad staff than having to also manage his website and his marketing and promotions – as well as his social media. It’s simply just too much work and using my team he’s given himself the luxury to really work his business from what he knows. Jon has also been my client for nearly 12 years!

I first had to develop a logo that spoke to his design sensibilities and had some hidden meaning. The logo font has been incorporated throughout all of Hair Architects’ materials and beneath the font treatment is a blurred image of an architectural drawing.


Hair Architects Hair Salon in Tucson

Once the logo was designed and the color scheme for his salon determined, I simply had to assemble those two pieces together to design the business cards for Jon and the staff. From there, I moved these colors to his website and began developing his internet presence. In addition to the main website, I also created 6 additional “lead generation” websites and these were connected to an AdWords campaign.


Hair Architects Hair Salon in Tucson

I also have designed the brochures for his salon. I am also responsible for updating the brochures as prices change.


Hair Architects Hair Salon in Tucson

With the arrival of 2017, the salon will be moving to a new location with a different color scheme and thus it will be time for a website and print assets overhaul.

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