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G.P.Gottlieb is a soon-to-be-published author of “Battered: A Whipped & Sipped Mystery” who seriously wanted to launch her murder mystery series with a bang … or a noose … or candelabra. After starting off on the DIY track G.P. decided that she’d rather write than delve into code and all things webby.  And that’s when she turned to me after being referred by another client of mine, Steve Yastrow.

With only a month before the release of her book we had to move quickly to firmly establish the look and feel of the site; as in all branding challenges, we had to ensure that everything played off the book.  It really helps that the book cover was exceptionally designed by Ellie Bockert Augsburger of Creative Digital Studios.

Part of the allure of G.P.’s series is the connection with food … or rather … just desserts. Her protagonist, Alene, is a baker and owner of the popular Whipped & Sipped cafe.  Included in the book and on her website are recipes that have been served in the book and then some.  Additionally, G.P. is a reviewer of other mystery books and hosts a podcast discussing books as well.

Styling templates have been created to make writing posts and articles much easier.

Creating an author platform doesn’t stop with just a website; it’s building social media profiles, building up the audience and fanbase. So, with social curator and community & content strategist Steph Belsky of Love of Good, social profiles were created and branded, then connected to the website and each other. In the last few weeks before the book launch we’ve created a marketing and promotions schedule based primarily on content creation – memes, articles, interviews, etc.

G.P.Gottlieb Testimonial

GP Gottlieb“I received a publishing contract for my culinary mystery, Battered: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery, and was going to be released. However, I trained as a classical musician and had no idea what to do next.

Then a friend connects me with the tech genius he uses for his business and, within a few months of our first chat, Aaron Yeagle created a rocking website, set me up with marketing materials, taught me how to navigate social media, helped coordinate my book launch, directed the creation and sales of an audiobook, and increased my social media presence from a few hundred to over one thousand followers.

“That’s not as much as I expected though,” he tells me, “I think we can get you over 8,000 followers.” I believe him. He’s done everything else he promised.

Any other authors or artists trying to make sure your work gets an audience? Aaron answers my emails and calls within a day, and I admit to bothering him quite a lot. Who wouldn’t? He knows how to get things done.”

Consistent Branding

Consistent visual branding is essential for long term success.

When it comes to books, especially series, it is essential to develop a look and feel that is distinctly that of the series: fonts, colors, look and feel (I call that “visual umami”), and more. For example, even though, at the time of this writing “Battered” has yet to be published I am urging Galit to start thinking about book number two!

Content Marketing

Content marketing is not just about shoveling content with your name attached to it out there in the Internet. Content marketing is the creation and curation of content meaningful to the audience and connected deeply to its source. We are focusing on creation first and curation second. The content we are developing includes memes (simple visual images with quotes, reviews, and related), articles, recipes – in this case, the series takes place in and around Chicago’s Whipped and Sipped cafe’.

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