Ditch the Pitch is Steve Yastrow’s best-selling book based on his highly successful Ditch the Mitch workshops. is a book funnel designed to acquire new readers and lead them through a sales process that includes the companion workbook, an audiobook, and an on-line course.

Steve gives his book away for free in exchange for an email that helps him build his list.  I coded a unique sales system to drive people along a sales path after they sign up for the book and an email responder series to keep them “warm.” The autoresponder series changes based on where the user stops or exits. In this way, we aren’t sending the user an email about the workbook if they’ve already purchased it.


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We utilized a combination of memes (shown below) in both organic and paid promotions on Facebook and video, brief introductions of the concepts that we posted to social, YouTube, and Vimeo. We also put a Google / YouTube ad campaign to reach new customers.

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