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Conscious Living Media is not JUST a retail site … it’s a publisher of books, music, and meditation products.  Originally an offshoot of Conscious Living Academy, a learning management system of online courses for spiritual and personal growth, Conscious Living Media was meant to provide publishing services to the teachers at the academy.

However, as the years passed it was quite apparent that my publishing services were in much greater demand.  Thus, the focus has moved to the media division. Because of this shift, I felt it imperative to give Conscious Living Media a complete and utter design overhaul … from logo and site design to product design and presentation.

The new design reflects the awesomeness of the universe that we are connected to so deeply.  Open, clean, almost “minimal” in presentation, this new site also brings the products to the homepage in a more aggressive position.  All product images have been redesigned from scratch.


Logos are a funny thing. They can be wildly complex or virtually sterile. Logos can be horrifically irrelevant or deeply meaningful. I go for clearly defined fonts and icons designed for depth of meaning.

Take, for example, my original logo design for Conscious Living Media. I chose to use a stylized heart to signify living in a heart-centered way … a conscious way. I chose calming blues for the color scheme. Even though it felt right it didn’t feel perfect.

When it came time for an overhaul, I had to think much more intensely about the concepts I wanted to have come across. Additionally, as Conscious Living Media is, in fact, one of my companies I began to think about how to connect them visually.

My main logo was designed to express several things … I am represented by the negative space, the empty space from which ideas burst forth from me like bubbles of color.  The bubbles also represent the myriad of skills I bring to the table. Even more deeply, I am a gay man, so the rainbow of colors echo the rainbow colors of the gay pride flag.

For Conscious Living Media I wanted to bring that in somehow.  Conscious Living could be construed as a “head” thing rather than a “heart” thing. Years ago, my concepts for logos included either hearts or heads.  This time I went with head. Then, thinking about the concept in the consulting logo I realized that the bubbles of ideas can “erupt” from the head, they represent all of the ideas, concepts, and emotions that make us who we are.  And, of course, they are in a myriad of colors.

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