Back in 2013 Abigail Aguilera hired me to rebuild her website, You can see that version in the before photo on the left. Over the ensuing years we’ve worked together on marketing and promotions and working toward her first book! Now that she is on the cusp of publishing her book, “The Path of the One … and the Code That Connects Us All” (I also designed the book cover.), we felt we needed to massively upgrade her website and create true branding with a logo all of which works together with the cover of the book.

During this time Abigail’s services have become more focused while adding two new important features: public speaking and being an author. Once again I chose to go with a website that is primarily a one-page design, with interior pages dedicated to her specific offers: psychic / Quantum Healing services, the book, and public speaking. These interior pages become the landing pages to help with her marketing and promotions.


Sometimes it’s nice not having an original logo as it means there’s free reign to explore imagery. As Hewlett lives in Green Valley, Arizona and he had grown up near the Rio Grande River as a child, plus the fact that his music is Latino-flavored instrumental guitar – gave me some very nice direction for the logo: yellow sun, mountains, and the Rio Grande all figure prominently in the logo.


The Path of the One
Every business needs business cards; they are the least expensive marketing tool available. I design a set of cards for Hewlett to help him get his label, music, and name out into the community.

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