Think about branding. What is a “brand?” What is “branding?” How do I create my “brand?”

The answer to these questions are better left to a full-length article but, generally speaking a “brand” is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed.

I have to answer these questions myself especially when re-inventing my business. Over the years I’ve called my business: “XN28D Studios” – Has Your Business Been Accentuated?, “Transmutation Sciences” – We Turn Your Leaden Business Into Gold, then “Your Pro Consultants” – Your Professional by Your Side. That last is fairly snoresville. Ugh. What was I thinking?

Now, for 2017 I have launched this latest iteration of my business, “Aaron Yeagle Consulting” – Taking Your Business to the Next Level.



In developing a concept for a new brand I usually start off with the name, the tagline, and then the logo. For me, I’m just me … I am marketing ME as my brand. But “Aaron Yeagle” doesn’t say much as a “brand” so I add what I do … “consulting” and now I have my new business name, Aaron Yeagle Consulting. However, this business name still doesn’t quite give us the whole picture so we resort to using a tagline, “Taking Your Business to the Next Level.” I still do not list everything I do – it would be way too long to fit or even remember; but it is enough to lead the reader in a direction.

With those two items checked off I now have to design a logo that somehow echoes the essence of my business. The bubbles behind the man’s silhouette, echo all the sundry services I utilize to promote you (the silhouette). The bubbles are in a variety of colors to reflect my LGBTQ background.



We all know and understand that marketing is about exposure, impressions, visibility and one of the least expensive, most effective tools to keep your name in front of others is the business card. For my business I chose at vertical card layout to be somewhat different, stand out from the crowd, and have made it bright white with high-gloss coating and a heavier paper stock to give recipients a feeling of a new, high-profile, dependable, glossy business … a marketing business.

In the next year, I will be expanding my brand influence through social media, article-writing, and seminars.

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