January 24, 2018 Aaron C. Yeagle

You may be asking, “Hey Aaron, what the heck IS a Facebook Chatbot anyway? … and how can I use it to enhance my business?”

Facebook’s Messenger, teamed up with new chatbot software and techniques, is perfect for lead generation, customer service, retargeting, and more.

You may be confused on what a chatbot is and how it can actually help grow your business, increase consumer interaction, and add to your bottom line.

Please take some time to rad this brief article where I will teach you what a chat bot is, why it’s important, and how you can use it for your business.

What is a ChatBot?

A chatbot is simply software that communicates with your customer inside Facebook Messenger. This isn’t Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. Think of chatbots like email marketing … but through messaging apps.

Why Should I Care?

As I am certain you are aware, marketing is about finding your audience and telling them how your product or service can solve their problem(s). Which is why companies such as yours need to market via messaging apps.

People LOVE using messaging apps and they prefer to use it to communicate with the people they love. We use iMessage to chat with our significant other. We use Facebook Messenger with our friends and even clients. And, we use Slack to communicate with our team.

The easiest way to gain new clients/customers is to market to people where they are. I know that seems obvious, but believe me …

I built my first bot for Jackie Woodside and the results blew us away. Our traditional email marketing to her clients typically results in a 29% open rate and a 4% click-through rate. On par with email statistics for most in her inductry. However, open rates were over 80% on Facebook Messenger with click-through rates over 40%!

Facebook Messenger alone has 1.2 billion monthly active users, not just 1.2 billion users; these are ACTIVE USERS. Furthermore, there are more users in the top 4 messaging apps than the top 4 social networks!

How You Can use ChatBots for Your Business

This is nothing special to people who have been marketing for a long time. This is like starting an email list when email became a thing. Or starting a podcast ten years ago. People’s behaviors are just changing and we need to adapt. Getting a subscriber on Facebook Messenger is much easier than an email subscriber because of the reduced friction.

LEAD GENERATION => COMMENTS: You can set up your chat bot so that when someone comments on your Facebook Page’s post, they get a message directly from your chat bot.

RETARGETING => ADS: You can retarget people who left your site on Facebook with a Messenger ad and give them a 10% discount on their order.

SALES => LIVE CHAT: You can lead people through a nurturing sequence and when they click a certain button towards the end of the sequence, your chat bot can notify you so that you can jump into the live chat and close the sale. Imagine a chat bot QUALIFYING YOUR LEADS and you coming in as the inside sales team coming in the conversation at the perfect time.

Here are some real world examples:

Professional Bloggers: A paleo expert can drip messages and teach people how to eat healthier, then offer their course or coaching program.

Product: An athletic company can segment their audience, send tailored running tips, and customize their product recommendations to sell the perfect running shoes.

Service: A business can teach why copywriting is so important and at the end of the sequence, offer their copywriting services to them.

Businesses should take advantage of this opportunity before the market gets saturated and your competitors get to this channel first.

Aaron C. Yeagle

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