In a world of over 1 billion books,
does your book stand out?

I have designed well over 60 book covers, edited and laid out twice as many books, and built a multitude of author sites and book funnels.

As a web designer and digital marketing consultant since 2004, I understand the importance of creating a platform to reach and expand your audience, develop your brand, and engage your fans.

Author Platforms & Book Funnels

An author platform is, at its most basic level, your “author platform” is your home base for you, your book(s), and your audience.
A book funnel is designed to promote ONE product, your book, and is used to upsell related products.

Book Covers

Your book’s cover is the most important aspect of your book … right after the story, of course! View my book cover design gallery.

Book Trailers

A great book trailer goes a long way toward creating excitement for your book.

Author Platforms

An author platform — also referred to as a media platform — is an established media outlet that allows the author connects to their audience. Just as a physical platform can be “a stage for public speaking,” a media platform gives the author a pulpit from which to speak to their potential readership. Like a diving platform, it can springboard a book into the marketplace and create sales momentum at publication.

Your platform is essential for the successful promotion of your book whether you are seeking a publisher or you are self-publishing. Creating a platform, developing your audience, and building your fanbase should be as much a part of writing your book as .. well … writing your book! Just ask yourself which comes first, the book or the audience?

What does an author platform cost? It all depends on how far you want to go. A well-designed website with the basics could cost as little as $750. A total package with shopping carts and email list integrations plus social profile graphics, and all the bells and whistles could cost as much as $5,000.

Book Funnel Your Way to Success!

There’s a fantastic marketing technique that works incredibly well for non-fiction books in particular. It’s the book funnel.

You may have heard about sales funnels before; book funnels are the same thing. It’s a sales and promotion process that takes a site visitor from a purchaser of one item to a purchaser of possibly multiple items. I call it traveling down the “YES!” road.

A book/sales funnel is a trip down the shopping aisle. You’ve brought them to the store (your website) with a special offer of some kind (downloadable chapter, or free++)and once they’ve taken you up on your initial offer, you give them another one, and then another … sometimes a cross-sell, sometimes an up-sell, and at others a down-sell.

Book funnels are typically prohibitively expensive for most authors yet they have the greatest possibility for generating MASSIVE numbers of leads and a hefty return on investment and are most appropriate for high-ticket tie-ins like an online course, coaching, mastermind groups, etc.  A book funnel with all of the bells and whistles, graphics, advertising design, videos, and my consulting throughout the project starts around $10,000 plus your advertising costs.

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Book Covers

Everyone loves a great book cover.  Your book cover doesn’t just have the title and author, it tells the story of the book with the image, teases your readers, hint at the excitement within!

A book cover has to look good in print AND in digital formats of all sizes. It needs to stand out against all the other books on the shelf and in Amazon.

What does a quality book cover cost? There are quite a few options available.  Some authors are expressly digital and only need the front cover created. other authors need both digital and print versions of their covers.  A digital-only cover starts at $100. A digital and print version of your cover begins at $500.

Let me work with you to create the best possible book cover.

Book Trailers

Ahhhh the book trailer! Other than the book and book cover itself, a quality book trailer brings to life the essence of your book. A book trailer is also one of the most fun marketing tools you can have for your book.

A book trailer distills the major elements of your book into a visual feast with your book cover, music, sound effects, early reviews, and key elements of your story. I utilize royalty-free images, music, and sound effects to keep your quality high and costs low.

What does a book trailer cost? Your book trailer can be as simple as an animated slideshow or as complex as a movie trailer.  Prices range from $250 to $500 and more.

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