February 27, 2018 Aaron C. Yeagle

Amazon’s CreateSpace announced this week that it is shuttering the author services division.

What does this mean? Self-Publishing authors will need to go elsewhere for essential author services including cover design, editing, and book formatting; not to mention essential marketing services.

The statement from CreateSpace “After a thorough review of our service offerings, we’ve made the decision to discontinue CreateSpace’s paid professional editing, design and marketing services. We will work closely with impacted employees through this transition to help them find new roles within the company or assist them with pursuing opportunities outside the company.

That doesn’t mean authors will have to start learning how to design book covers or designing interior layouts. Oh no! That’s where I come in. I work directly with self-published authors by providing comprehensive and al a carte services. In this highly competitive world we live in, I take great pride assisting authors self-publish books, both printed and digital, so they can focus on what’s important – the story.

To be successful, self-published authors need high-quality, creative services including:

Author Platform

The “author platform” refers to your website, your internet presence, and all of your on-line assets the show and tell your audience and potential audience who you are and what you create! Your core asset is your website or websites. As an author you may choose to have just one website that’s anchored by YOU, the author. YOU are the brand, the person and the brand. Some authors create series that can benefit from their own launch platforms. Such as author Jackie Woodside‘s Vibe Method series first book, Money Vibe Method: Your Financial Freedom Formula.


Hiring an experienced book editor is often the best investment you can make for your book and your writing career. My book editing services are for authors who need premium book editing at an affordable price. I have a network of editors from around the globe who offer my clients special rates.

Cover Design

Designing a book cover is an art. I have years of experience in book cover design in a wide variety of genres. Whether the cover of your new crime novel needs that film noir look, your syfy novel needs a 1950s retro look, or your self-help cover needs to inspire, I will create a custom book cover that you can be proud of for years to come.

Book Formatting

A well-formatted and professionally-designed book is critical to the success of your book. Even though you have worked hard on your book, a poorly designed interior can ruin the reading experience. I don’t use off-the-shelf templates to design your book; each one is custom designed by me to help reflect your story.

Publishing and Marketing

Your journey to published author doesn’t end with ### … it begins! My extensive experience is at your disposal; I will help you make important decisions on what is the best avenue for your book, whether to publish strictly in digital formats or to include print, which services to use, even help you reach to traditional publishers or whether self- or small- publishing is the way to go. Beyond that, I will work on marketing and promotion strategies to get your book to chart … and chart big!

I want your book to be as successful as it can possibly be … just as you do! Together we can provide all of the best elements necessary for this book and the next one. If you would like me on your team, contact me at (760) 537-5275 or via the contact form below.

Aaron C. Yeagle

But, ya gotta know SOMETHING about me … so I will give you the short and sweet version. Started my first career in the music business way the heck back in the early 80’s working in distribution – sales, record labels – sales / marketing, with a brief stint in the movie business for a brief time somewhere in the middle. When the music business collapsed in the early 2000’s I moved into web design and Internet marketing.

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