September 2, 2019 Aaron C. Yeagle

Over the years, I’ve had the sheer joy of creating images for Shakesperean productions and other fantastic stage events by Portland Shakes, including its current logo.

To my surprise, my design for Pericles Wet was met with rave reviews – nearly as much as the play itself, “Pericles Wet” by Ellen Margolis! It was so well-received the design had to be recreated as posters, banners, and even a cake!

The Portland Shakespeare Project began operations in July 2011 as a summer seasonal theatre company performing classical works and contemporary works associated with classical material.

Currently planning it’s fifth season, Portland Shakespeare Project programming includes two productions – a fully staged Shakespeare work and a staged reading – in addition to special events.

The company offers a variety of classes for actors and youth, and educational and enrichment programs for audience members.

Future plans call for the expansion of the season, with the addition of at least one show during the year.


Aaron C. Yeagle

But, ya gotta know SOMETHING about me … so I will give you the short and sweet version. Started my first career in the music business way the heck back in the early 80’s working in distribution – sales, record labels – sales / marketing, with a brief stint in the movie business for a brief time somewhere in the middle. When the music business collapsed in the early 2000’s I moved into web design and Internet marketing.

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