January 21, 2019 Aaron C. Yeagle

A Hosting Solution That’s Truly ADVANCED! 

I know you’ve heard me talk about hosting before … and, I will continue to discuss the opportunities involved in having the BEST hosting NOT the CHEAPEST.

Very soon, all clients will have the following services available for their website(s). [ PS. if this all seems too techy, call me and I will talk you through it! ]


Of these NEW SERVICES, the most exciting will be the FREE CDN service from Google Cloud and FlyCache; both of which will mean a website’s speed will drop “under 4 second” goal. One website was running at 40+ seconds! Moving to new hosting current hosting it dropped to 12 seconds (which is way too high) and then I added CDN, Smush, and Cache and the website loads in under 4 seconds.

Auto-healing technology

Each WordPress site on our platform will heal itself in the event of any service failure. As an example, if there are issues with PHP, sites won’t go down… it’ll just fix itself! While we’ve always provided great uptime for WordPress sites, auto-healing technology improves the website’s resiliency even more.

Website Hosting Plans Instant-scaling technology

You shouldn’t be punished when marketing success means spikes in traffic, and you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to prepare for a national TV appearance. With our new platform, scaling a website to millions of visitors happens instantly. There’s no need for downtime or migration to more hardware!

CDN available free on all plans

As part of our new Cloud Platform, we’re also introducing our new Content Delivery Network. We’ll be offering free global CDN to all customers on our Cloud Platform. Any existing customers with our out-of-the-box CDN add-on will be able to receive free CDN during their upgrade to our new platform.

FlyCache: Updated caching technology

Along with re-architecting our platform, we’ve also redesigned our caching technology from the ground up. With Flywheel’s Cloud Platform, sites will perform even better. Our new caching technology takes into account the most popular WordPress themes and plugins to make sure your site’s pages are cached when they should be and aren’t cached when they shouldn’t be — with no work from you!

Staging included on all hosting plans

On our classic platform, we only offered staging sites on personal hosting plans and above. Starting today, any customer on our new Cloud Platform will have access to our staging feature!

High-availability ready

If a website is growing and every visit is mission-critical, our new hosting platform offers the ability for full redundancy and high-availability without complicated migrations or updating DNS. If you’d like to learn more about this, please contact us or hit up the sales team!

Personal Support

Hosting with Flywheel through me, you will also receive my personal touch handling all software updates for WordPress, Theme, Plugins, and includes 30 minutes of additional updates to content. To make this even more attractive, the cost of hosting plans include insurance against any of the updates “breaking” websites and hack recovery!

Free Website Migration!

Not that I want to sound like an add for an “As Seen on TV” product … BUT WAIT! There’s more! I and my team will personally migrate your website for you!

This should be the easiest decision you’ve made all year! Sign up now!  Or, if you are confident to handle hosting solutions you can choose to go directly with our hosting provider.

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