I met Hewlett Crist through my friend and client, George Nardo of Luna Recording Studio in Tucson, Arizona. Hewlett was in the process of recording another album when we were introduced. We talked a bit about his life and history as well as his music.

During this discussion I discover that Hewlett has not updated his website in over a decade and none of his music was available on line. In today’s digital era, not having your product – especially music – available on iTunes and at the very least will severely inhibit sales. While checking out his website I notice that he has no real logo or brand identity, the site certainly looked a decade old, and the inadequate UX/UI were also inhibiting sales and his presence on SERPs.

The first steps involved updating the website, creating a logo, and – as he had run out of finished goods and would likely never sell them again – redesigning the artwork for his albums.


Sometimes it’s nice not having an original logo as it means there’s free reign to explore imagery. As Hewlett lives in Green Valley, Arizona and he had grown up near the Rio Grande River as a child, plus the fact that his music is Latino-flavored instrumental guitar – gave me some very nice direction for the logo: yellow sun, mountains, and the Rio Grande all figure prominently in the logo.


Every business needs business cards; they are the least expensive marketing tool available. I design a set of cards for Hewlett to help him get his label, music, and name out into the community.


While the covers for each album were adequate, they totally undersold the content. The guitar image worked to identify the contents and the cloned images with only a change in color and title did well to indicate a series; they were too dark and “meh” to really get anyone excited about the content. The only cover that remained unchanged is Dos Padres as the cover was painted by Hewlett’s very talented wife, Joy, and I wanted to honor her contribution to his work.

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